Wandering Through Psalms 2:12

Wandering Through Psalms 2:12

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“Blessed are all who take refuge in him.” Psalm 2:12

Boy am I blessed.  I’m always asking You to take care of me, solve my problems, heal others, and the list continues.  I take refuge in You because I know You are always here for me! So why don’t I truly let it go???

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord for Your patience!

Taking baby steps!

  • I wish I could let the injustices go that impassion me. Maybe it’s because I’ve always believed God helps those who help themselves. And that keeping quiet in the face of injustice is also unjust.
    Some days the Serenity Prayer is not enough. I wish it were.

  • I agree that keeping quiet when injustice is all around us is hard. I’m working on a piece about that very thing now. Look for it on Friday.

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