Wandering Through Psalms 1:1

Wandering Through Psalms 1:1

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The Psalms are my  source of solace, strength, joy and peace. They are where I go each morning to sit at the feet of God and feel His presence. My reflections are not the result of research by a Biblical scholar, just those of a Texas girl with a heart for the Lord.  If you choose to wander with me, I would be honored if you would like to  share with me  any our your observations. Are you ready to mosey along with me?

“Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked…” Psalm 1:1

Who are my counselors? Who do I put my trust in? My friends love me and have my best interest at heart, but so does God.  He is the one with whom I should have coffee and complain.  He doesn’t mind.

As I give Him more of me, I can hear more from Him.

Stepping out,