Three Little Words – He Has Risen

Three Little Words – He Has Risen

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“…He has risen!” Luke 24:6

Walking 10,000 Steps? Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!Once again three little words changed my life,  “Ten Thousand Steps.” It was the absolute deception of an occasional hot flash that persuaded me to register for a women’s wellness seminar. They duped me even further by serving plate lickin’ cinnamon rolls and those Pioneer Woman lattes to raise my guilt meter. But to my surprise my next two inspirational hours got my twinkle toes moving and my heart listening. Imagine that!  I couldn’t believe myself cheering along with the crowd in response to the size two fitness guru on stage. I was ready to high tail it to the store and snatch up one of those snappy arms bands she touted to register the thousands of steps ahead of me.

The euphoria wore off while waiting for my car to be retrieved by the valet, so instead of the mall, I found my way home and to the couch. As I lay there with Charlie and Lucy, my puppies, the changes I envisioned ahead in my life spun around my brain. For example, exactly how early was I going to have to rise and shine to improve my step count and how long does it take to walk 10,000 steps? It really began to sound as if once again a lifestyle change was headed my way. Trying to fit 10,000 steps, Jesus time, and housekeeping into the day is almost more than a body can do.  If I leave off housekeeping, there’s a lot more time to step out. (I know wise guys, that I can get steps while vacuuming.) Perhaps I could pray while walking to yoga and maybe even park far away from the grocery store and listen to our Precious One as I push my cart around the store.

So if you come looking for me, I’m no longer snoozing on the couch with Charlie and Lucy. I’ve risen and am out walking those ten thousand steps talking to my Jesus.  After all, He rose for me and thanking Him for His glorious gift of life is the least I can do.  Now even when I spend my day doing  yard work, or heaven forbid cleaning out the garage, often I don’t remember my little speedy toes touching the ground. It’s amazing how easy I move through life talking with the Giver of Life. You’ll have to be quick, but catch me if you can.

Points to Ponder:

1. Where is your favorite place to pray? Why?

2. Do you truly know “He has risen?”  What makes you know this?

3.  What has changed your life? Was it God inspired?

Pray with Me:

Dear Walking Partner,

I start my day with You, You fill every minute of it, and are there when I close my eyes at night.  Guide me to see You in every step I take.

Your praying partner