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Loving Hands: “A Tribute to Moms”

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Hands of Love

Hand of Love

And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.” Mark 10:16

“Well, bless your heart,” is a Southern saying for sure, and one that has graced my ears throughout the years. After skinning my knee while chasing my brothers, I would run into the house with tears running down my cheeks, and mom would always say, “Well, bless your heart,” as she gave me a hug, followed by a trip to the medicine cabinet to get the Mercurochrome to clean my “devastating” injury before placating me with a Barbie Band-Aid. That red magic potion would burn like the devil, but she gingerly blew on my knee to help take the sting away. She would lovingly pat my little stubby hand, and I truly believe her touch did the healing. Mom’s youthful hands gradually became spotted with age and eventually disfigured with arthritis as the years went by, but the love she gave with her priceless touch never diminished.

It wasn’t until I slowed down long enough to examine my new blue nail polish that it came to me, “I’ve got my mother’s hands!” The vivid memories came flooding in, and I thought to myself, “This is one sign of maturity that I truly don’t mind.” I realize the appearance of my hands is not a flaw at all — it’s a gift!

When I look at my hands, not only do I see Mom’s hands, her smile travels across my mind. I hear her exuberant claps as she proudly applauds following my lack-luster recitals. I see her holding her trembling hands high up in the air, wearing her crooked cowboy hat, as she played banker and handed over all of the bank’s money to her grandsons, wearing their bandana masks, before they rode away on their stick horses. I see her sitting in her chair, lovingly stitching with her hands each square of material, as she made the many quilts we have cuddled in throughout the generations. Even today, I can still feel the warmth of her hands leaving her body as I held on to them tightly, selfishly not wanting to let her walk away into the arms of Jesus. I was truly blessed by her hands, her touch, and her love.

Now I get to share the blessings of mom’s hands with my grandchildren. Taking walks holding on to their soft little hands, folding my hands into “prayer hands” as a little one says the family prayer, and even taking a squirmy fish off of a hook is the best way I know to pass on the love. At the end of the day I get my reward when bath time comes, and I get splashed with bubbles from little ones as they play with trucks, sheep, cows, and whatever else may find its way into the tub. Being baptized and blessed by a grandchild’s love is the very best.

Jesus took the little children in His arms and touched them and blessed them. Little children, mature adults and even those pesky teenagers need a loving touch. The joy of a mother is taking our children into our arms, reaching out when they need a hand to hold, or clapping to encourage even the worst performance. That is our joy. If you’re not with your mother today, remember her touch, breathe in those treasured memories that will make your heart sing and feel the many blessings that Jesus gives each of us. If you are with your mother, walk over to her and just sit closely and hold her hand. Blessing her with your touch is the best gift of all as you celebrate her day.

Pray with Me:

Dear Father of Loving Hands,

You reach out to us and hold us so many times as we walk our days. Thank you for giving us the women in our lives who molded us by their touch.

Reaching out to You

Points to Ponder:

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes and come and go in our lives, and I was blessed to have three wonderful mothers whose hands touched my heart and soul. My mom, Lanore Austin, who gave me life, my precious mother-in-law, Mary Frances Moses, whose hands taught me how to needlepoint and make a great chocolate pie, and my other mother, Billie Johnson, who came into my life in the form of a friend, and created joy wherever she went.

  1. Who are the mothers in your life?
  2. If you can’t name one, is there someone in your life who needs a child?
  3. What’s your favorite memory of your mom? Share it with someone and continue her story.

Are You a Member?

150 150 Debi Moses

dede & Miles

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” At once they left their nets and followed him. Mark 1:16-18

I just gained membership into the best club in the world, “Grandmother hood.” I didn’t have to pay a membership fee, be screened to see if I was worthy, or even pay monthly dues. (Well I am required to bring diapers when I visit.) I belong to several clubs. Some in which I sought membership and others that sought after me. I eagerly joined my book club, UMW circle, and PTA, but when it came time to join the “motherless” club after my mom passed away I drug my feet. I never wanted to carry that membership card in my wallet. When our son called and told us our grandson was going to be born the next morning, I was like Simon and Andrew when Jesus called them to join His club of disciples. I couldn’t drop my “net” quick enough.

I was on my way from Dallas, where I live to Houston to attend a meeting when our son Mason called me with the S.O.S. I was captive in the backseat traveling with friends and not driving so I couldn’t kick my fellow passengers out of the car. I had to go on to Houston. The thought did cross my mind to jump out at the nearest truck stop and hitch a ride back to Dallas, but sanity took over just in time. I continued to Houston and went to the airport, caught a plane to Dallas, got my car and drove to Austin and within nine hours was sitting with the soon to be mom and dad awaiting the birth of Miles Austin Moses.

When I received my invitation to join the club where the membership requirement was the death of my mom, I didn’t race to collect my membership card like I did my Grandma card. Whether membership is at our request or life events that come our way, they all present opportunities to become closer to our Father. Simon and Andrew left everything and followed Him. I pray I will be as willing to join Jesus’ club when He calls my name.

Points to Ponder:

1. To what clubs do you belong? How did you gain membership?

2. Are you willing to join Jesus when He calls you?

3. Do you have to know the requirements of the Jesus’ club before accept the membership card?

Pray with me:

Dear Membership King on High,

I praise You for considering me worthy enough to be part of Your organization.  You bless me with Your love and support in the exciting times as well as the challenging. Keep me on Your list Holy One and forever in Your club.

Collecting membership cards for You.