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I Miss Your Smile

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“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

Okay, I’m just going to shout it from the rooftops, “I miss the laughs and giggles of my grandkids and kids.  I miss my back pew at church.  I miss my life-long friends, and since it’s true confession time, I miss my favorite coffee shop and my sugar-free vanilla latte, yet most of all, oh yes most of all, I miss your smile.”

Those simple upturned lips that signal a moment of recognition, excitement, and perhaps a fleeting memory. Your name may be a mystery to me, but you’re still part of my world.  We have passed in the aisles at the grocery store, the cleaners and perhaps even the pharmacy, but you’re no longer there.  As hard as it is to believe, I only don my lovely mask and gloves and join the world every two weeks. We might have missed each other along the way. It’s as if the world has been turned upside down, and it has. 

Yet here I am, with my life basically unchanged, sitting on the dock with my puppies gazing at the glorious sunset with a breaking heart. A breaking heart for lives that have been changed in ways I can never imagine.  Breaking for families who now have empty chairs around their table.  Breaking for the precious children of God who are living in homeless shelters or the street, hungry and falling farther and farther behind in school. Breaking for moms and dads who can no longer provide for their family because of lost jobs. Breaking for those of you who can only see your aging family members through a window. 

But in the heartbreak, there’s a time of thankfulness. Thankful for the brave men and women on the front lines, keeping us healthy, fed and safe, our world clean, and our hearts and soul healed. As I sit in awe of the gift of the sunset, my heart is joining with those of you who are kneeling in prayer, thankful you have survived another day wrapped in the Holy’s arms.

This is a time when the similarities of one’s path vary more than ever. Some of your lives may be like mine and my western loving cowboy, whose only bump on the road is rationing toilet paper, or watching the same TV shows over and over, despite having a choice of more than 300 channels. (All I have to say about that is someone in my house is a fan of the western channel.)

But through these days of confusion and emptiness, your compassion for one another is seen through the lessons we’re teaching our children as they write words of thanks to visitors who make deliveries to our homes in chalk on their walkways, or signs posted on apartment windows. Families are gathering on social media celebrating special time that might have been missed because of those trite words, “We were just too busy.” Cards and letters are being sent snail mail to forgotten ones in our lives while many are pitching in financially to share their blessings. Through all of this despair my heart is reaching out to each of you, and I feel your never-ending grace. Grace we’ve learned to grant one another through our twinkling eyes as we honor one another by wearing a simple mask or standing 6 feet apart. 

We all have our dark days, whether it’s the ones we are living now, the days that lurk in memories past, or in the times on the other side of a sunset that are yet to come. But the Lord is blessing us, His face is shining on us each day. His face is turned toward us each night, warming us with His glorious love. This is the serenity you feel when you gaze at a sunset, or perhaps as you close your eyes at the evening’s end and say, “Thank you for loving me Father.” I have peace knowing He will take care of you.  And one day I’ll see your smile again, and man oh man, my heart will sing.

Ponder with Me:

1. Do you miss anything?

2. Have you had dark days? Close your eyes and sit with the Holy.  Let His everlasting love wash over you.

3.  Do you truly believe God will take care of you? 

Let us pray together:

I love you Lord. My heart sings when I hear your name, your promises, and feel your grace.

I will never miss your smile, because it never fades away. You warm me with your spirit in the sunrises and sunsets. I am blessed to be your child.

Gazing  at your love.

 I hope you’ll be my walking partner as I navigate my way through a life of whimsy, grace, and a lot of love for our Savior. You can read about my adventures on this blog, Wandering the Path, or if you’d rather, join me on my podcast Wandering the Path with Debi. 
And remember, as my Auntie used to say, “No matter how bumpy the journey, your path has already been cleared.”


150 150 Debi Moses

Old surprise“So Samson went down to Timnah with his father and mother, and came to the vineyard of Timnah.  Now to his surprise, a young lion came roaring against him.”  Judges 14:5 NKJ

I love it when God surprises me, that is, most of the time. We always have a family vacation. We’ve been able to have a week with the boys since they were born; time away with just the four of us. We usually start around Christmas checking calendars and schedules trying to find a date that will work, but not this year. College graduation, new jobs, obligations, a house remodel and girlfriends seemed to put the tradition on the “maybe next year” list. But as summer arrived each one of us began to ask, “Where are we going this year?” The first major surprise was finding available dates on each of our calendars. Next, the weather on my Blackberry said rain was in the forecast, but we were surprised with beautiful days of sunshine. Vacant rooms were available when the internet said everything was booked. These are surprises that I never would have enjoyed if I had let my scheduled world dictate my plans. Calendars, internet, and my Blackberry seem to run my life, telling me what I can do, and keeping me from reaching out and grabbing the surprises God offers me each day. But what about those surprises we receive that are not so much fun? How quickly my calendar clears when I get a call to return for a second mammogram, or when my mom was ill. It is so easy to hit “delete” when our private world suggests a possible emergency. These are the times when we fall on our knees in prayer to the Savior and pencil Him in daily. Those roaring lions that we do not anticipate can truly catch us by surprise. It’s during these times that we need to remember that we exist because God remembers us. He’s just sitting with His arms outstretched waiting for us. If we don’t allow Him to surprise us, it’s hard to see our Precious Lord in our daily lives. A life that allows each of us to open our eyes wide, look around and take in the surprises that awaits  each day. As we begin to experience a life of surprises that God has planned for us, we will be able to accept His gifts.  I’m taking off my sunglasses so I can see everything clearly. I love surprises. Don’t you?

Points to Ponder

1. What things in your life come roaring up at you? Are they in your control?

2. Are you ever surprised by the daily things that happen in your life?

3. Do you like surprises? Can you remember the last time you were astonished at something that happened in your life?

Pray with Me

Dear God of welcome surprises,

You’re with us every moment of our days. Open our eyes so we may see Your astounding gifts., s0 when life comes roaring against us we will thankfully fall into Your waiting arms.

With open eyes we pray!