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Red Dirt and Pine Cones

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“I and the Father are one.”  John 10:30

For once we were listening when God stepped in, as our lives did a flip flop, and miraculously changed lanes. Off we went in a direction that had only been on our bucket-list of “maybe someday” and in the blink of an eye, “someday” had arrived.  One that was His next step in life for us but not exactly in our current scheme of things.  The land of our childhood had been calling our names, pine trees, red dirt and sweet smell as the seasons change in our native East Texas.  A home on a lake and a move from the hectic daily life back to our country roots had been on our list for years.  We would say things like … when we move to the lake … one day we’re going to find just the right spot and move to the lake … one day we’re going to get out of this traffic and be able to go fishing whenever we want, one day… You know the drill, you might have been there, or oh “wise one” know that your “one day” is exactly where you are now and are living in “your” moment.

So, with the volume of our hearts turned up so we could hear Him loud and clear, we left the highways and the bi-ways of the big city, and went in search of “home.” You know the spot where you feel a sense of belonging way before your address is changed, or the moving van emptied. It was as if the heavens opened on a spectacular fall Sunday guiding us among the pines to our “home.” And now with the boxes unpacked, a song in my heart and snuggled into my cozy bed, a new wake-up call cleared my foggy brain. It was my new friends “the ducks” taking flight over the lake, greeting me with their morning “Hello.”  This time of day is such a treasure, real life has yet to dawn and there’s time for those pesky scattered thoughts to scurry across my muddled brain. It’s like our puppies’ new best friends the squirrels, as they chase each other among the trees. It’s that time before my daily rhythm begins and a chance to ponder life, and even squeeze in a prayer or two. As my brain cells decided to rise and shine I cherished the peace in my heart and this time and this place. The glistening sun light bouncing off the lake was calling my name.  I threw on my comfy yoga clothes, grabbed a cup of Starbucks and slowly walked down to the sun- drenched dock. I slipped my sleep deprived body into my cozy chair and let the rays of the sun hit my face and realized it was God, not the lake, calling my name.  The sun kissing my face was the Holy One shining His gracious love for me on my tired cheeks.  As I closed my eyes I felt my Savior’s love rush over me and I truly felt one with Him. I’m at peace, let the squirrels chase themselves…  All is Well with my Soul, All is well.

Pray with me:   Holy One, open my eyes and heart so I may feel one with You as I walk my days, hear Your songs in my soul, and feel Your warm kisses on my cheeks.

Living in expectations.

Points to Ponder:

  1. When are you one with the Father?
  2. Have you found your special place?
  3. Are you aware when God touches your heart? How does it feel?







Wandering Through the Psalms 85:8

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“I will listen to what God the Lord will say; He promises peace to His people…” Psalm 85:8

I will listen to the Lord, but how do I know it’s Him? Oh yeah, He promises peace to me and maybe just maybe, I will feel Him as I sit in His presence and listen.  It’s something worth trying isn’t it?footprint

Listening, sitting, and waiting


150 150 Debi Moses

“Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” Job 8:7New year 2013

It was Baby Jesus time, and with a houseful of company soon to arrive, once again I slipped through a crack in the stable and couldn’t seem to find my way back to Him.  Thankfully it was just a crack, not a big front door.  After two hours in the grocery store, and $485.96 of Christmas groceries on the kitchen counter, the fence repairman calling my name from the backyard, the chime of a UPS delivery, and the sound of a fax ringing in my ear, my phone decided to go missing in action.  I desperately needed it to cancel an appointment that I just couldn’t squish into my crazy day.  I had done it again.  I lost my cell phone.  It was right there a minute ago, and then it disappeared.  The last time I misplaced what should be referred to as my “fifth appendage”, my phone went for a swim in the potty while I was doing my weekly janitorial duties.  Don’t ask how…. But today, I had chicken boiling on the stove for my family’s favorite chicken spaghetti, a reception to attend, coats to hand out at Everybody’s Christmas at church, and presents to wrap before our precious Mister Miles arrived at dede and Doc’s.  Man, oh, man!  I had lost it.  Not just my phone, it was really Him that I began to think I had lost AGAIN, or had I?

“Somehow” I made it through, and there I was taking down the Christmas decorations, and the day that “I lost it” came to mind.  Once again I thought the same thing, “I’m going to really live Christmas next year.  Go to every concert, meditate, and experience Jesus’ coming.”  It’s interesting that I have to wait until I’m packing up the nativity set to become aware that I have slipped away from Jesus.  But then I have to ponder, have I really?  As I looked at the “beginnings” for the new year, the ways I honor my Lord seem to pale to those that are available to me.  My beginnings each year are humble, but as the year progresses, my Lord prospers me by opening my eyes in so many new ways to see His grace, His love, His hope, and His glory.  Did I lose Him?  Not really.  I just think I misplaced Him.  Misplaced the time I spend sitting with Him in the morning, misplaced my time for night prayers, and misplaced feeling His presence in preparation for His season.  As I go humbly before my Lord, I’m looking forward to having a year of prosperous living; one where I don’t misplace phones or my precious Savior.  In the meantime, I’m off to buy a Go-phone.  Anyone who can’t save her fancy phone by throwing it a life preserver when it goes swimming doesn’t deserve it.  Blessings for a great 2013!!!

Points to Ponder:

1. How were you “prospered” during the Christmas celebrations?

2. What do you misplace most often? What happens for you to realize it’s missing?

3. What is your most treasured possession?

Pray with Me

Holy One,

As I live and breathe this year ahead, I know you are with me and want only the best for me. May I realize that as long as I am attached to You I will prosper as I grow in faith, love and wisdom.

Clinging tight to You