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“For it is God who is at work in you, enabling you both to will and to work for his good pleasure.”  Philippians 2:13

I know God is at work in me, and man oh man he has his hands full. Even my exercise schedule is in the tank, unless the babies come to visit.  Their mere existence is a deluxe workout with the biggest challenge being getting them dressed. That’s why I get up at the crack of dawn before they do to have a head start. Most are big enough now to dress themselves, but when they weren’t it was quite an adventure. Want to try my new workout that was birthed from dressing five grandkids?

Let’s rock it. Close one eye, bend over at the waist, jump up and down and button a button on your shirt. If you didn’t fall down or poke yourself in the eye and got your button in the hole, you have survived Session 1 in my new workout video, “Grandkids Rock”. Now do you get what I mean? I bet many of you have had this same workout. It’s quite an experience.

When tiny buttons emerged in my life nine years ago that is exactly what’s it was like when you try to dress them. Those miniscule little holes on their clothes that you have to shove in a tiny little button in while they wiggle away appeared. As they grew, they graduated into t-shirts and now they are able to dress themselves. It’s was a big accomplishment in their little lives but it brought a little sadness in mine. 

I wonder if Jesus feels like this at times? He works so hard to get into our hearts and then when he’s in, we just say, “I got this. I can do it myself.” That thought process has caused me a lot of grief and heartache along the way. He just wants us to let him slip in and make himself at home so we can do his will.

As God has worked in me, I have worked my way through the styles of dressing through the years. Cute short skirts and sleeveless shirts, to pants and long sleeve shirts that you roll up to stay cool, but cover up your flabby arms. If you haven’t made the transitions, get ready. You will unless you’re gifted with great genes and a great workout plan. And you guys, don’t think you haven’t done it too.  You’ve gone from cute fitted golf shirts, to roll up button downs to the standard fishing shirt in every color. If we work our way through life loving and living for our Father like we have the stages of life, we will see our blessed One when we look inside our hearts as He easily slides into the big buttons that open into our heart.

Ponder This:

  1. Is anything blocking your heart?

2. Is it hard for Jesus to get in?

3. Do you have an “workout” program for Jesus?

Pray with Me:

Dear Lord of my heart,

You work so hard to get in, and all I have to do is open up my heart.

Dancing for you!




 I hope you’ll be my walking partner as I navigate my way through a life of whimsy, grace, and a lot of love for our Savior. You can read about my adventures on this blog, Wandering the Path, or if you’d rather, join me on my podcast Wandering the Path with Debi.

And remember, as my Auntie used to say, “No matter how bumpy the journey, your path has already been cleared!

Its Laundry Day

150 150 Debi Moses

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

Who has time to do laundry when you’re changing addresses? You’ve gotta understand life takes on a whole new meaning when moving day approaches. I’ve been known to just pack all the dirty clothes. It’s not really a big deal, and it’s a good way to break in the new washing machine. Who has time to even think about laundry? 

Obviously laundry was on my brain last week when I promised you we were going to talk about this exciting topic. Who knew I would be here gazing upon piles of laundry with visions of packing boxes and wrapping paper crossing my mind.  Whether I turn right or left I hear God’s voice.  Who has time to be thankful they have a roof over their head?  Who has time to be joyous when they are about to make new friends?  Who has time to sit and relish in the moment of a new adventure?  I guess that would be me.  

Those of you who know the Moses’ family know that every five years or so, our feet start itching, and moving boxes magically begin to appear in the garage.  I guess we hear the voice behind us saying, “Get moving guys.” Lake life has been fun, but God is calling us on a new journey for Him. Who is guiding us when we make these little moves? I hate to blame them on Him, but he is my guide. There’s nothing wrong with living life to the fullest and following where God leads you, nor is sitting in your nice comfy chair and watching the sunsets. God leads us, he guides us, and if we follow His leading, we are on the right path. Who has time to pray, who has time to sit with him, who has time to call on him when things get frustrating? Yep, that would be me again. There’s always time for our Lord.

He’s always on my mind and he is always on my heart. He’s even there when I say, “Oh Lord none of these paint colors are right”! He’s also there when I utter my prayer of thankfulness that I have a wall to paint and  talented painters whose smiles grace me each day behind their masks. I’m even thankful that I have laundry to do.

God is with me every step of the way. When I complain and whine about moving so much, it always comes back to this, “My journey has led me to make new friends along the way who have made indelible marks my life and formed me into the person I am today. As I sit and write to you today I think, “Debi, you have prayers to say, laundry to do, and most of all a Jesus to sit with”. He assures me, “This is the way; walk in it.” 

Ponder This:

1.  Do you ever question God’s plans for you? 

2. What are you thankful for as you live your life?

3. How is God leading you to walk your life these days?

Pray with Me:

Dear Guide of my life,

Thank you for leading me to say yes to you. Thank you for letting me hear you and be thankful for laundry and the lives that got it dirty and those that made it just for me.

I’m turning the washing machine on!




 I hope you’ll be my walking partner as I navigate my way through a life of whimsy, grace, and a lot of love for our Savior. You can read about my adventures on this blog, Wandering the Path, or if you’d rather, join me on my podcast Wandering the Path with Debi. 

And remember, as my Auntie used to say, “No matter how bumpy the journey, your path has already been cleared

I Miss Your Smile

150 150 Debi Moses

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

Okay, I’m just going to shout it from the rooftops, “I miss the laughs and giggles of my grandkids and kids.  I miss my back pew at church.  I miss my life-long friends, and since it’s true confession time, I miss my favorite coffee shop and my sugar-free vanilla latte, yet most of all, oh yes most of all, I miss your smile.”

Those simple upturned lips that signal a moment of recognition, excitement, and perhaps a fleeting memory. Your name may be a mystery to me, but you’re still part of my world.  We have passed in the aisles at the grocery store, the cleaners and perhaps even the pharmacy, but you’re no longer there.  As hard as it is to believe, I only don my lovely mask and gloves and join the world every two weeks. We might have missed each other along the way. It’s as if the world has been turned upside down, and it has. 

Yet here I am, with my life basically unchanged, sitting on the dock with my puppies gazing at the glorious sunset with a breaking heart. A breaking heart for lives that have been changed in ways I can never imagine.  Breaking for families who now have empty chairs around their table.  Breaking for the precious children of God who are living in homeless shelters or the street, hungry and falling farther and farther behind in school. Breaking for moms and dads who can no longer provide for their family because of lost jobs. Breaking for those of you who can only see your aging family members through a window. 

But in the heartbreak, there’s a time of thankfulness. Thankful for the brave men and women on the front lines, keeping us healthy, fed and safe, our world clean, and our hearts and soul healed. As I sit in awe of the gift of the sunset, my heart is joining with those of you who are kneeling in prayer, thankful you have survived another day wrapped in the Holy’s arms.

This is a time when the similarities of one’s path vary more than ever. Some of your lives may be like mine and my western loving cowboy, whose only bump on the road is rationing toilet paper, or watching the same TV shows over and over, despite having a choice of more than 300 channels. (All I have to say about that is someone in my house is a fan of the western channel.)

But through these days of confusion and emptiness, your compassion for one another is seen through the lessons we’re teaching our children as they write words of thanks to visitors who make deliveries to our homes in chalk on their walkways, or signs posted on apartment windows. Families are gathering on social media celebrating special time that might have been missed because of those trite words, “We were just too busy.” Cards and letters are being sent snail mail to forgotten ones in our lives while many are pitching in financially to share their blessings. Through all of this despair my heart is reaching out to each of you, and I feel your never-ending grace. Grace we’ve learned to grant one another through our twinkling eyes as we honor one another by wearing a simple mask or standing 6 feet apart. 

We all have our dark days, whether it’s the ones we are living now, the days that lurk in memories past, or in the times on the other side of a sunset that are yet to come. But the Lord is blessing us, His face is shining on us each day. His face is turned toward us each night, warming us with His glorious love. This is the serenity you feel when you gaze at a sunset, or perhaps as you close your eyes at the evening’s end and say, “Thank you for loving me Father.” I have peace knowing He will take care of you.  And one day I’ll see your smile again, and man oh man, my heart will sing.

Ponder with Me:

1. Do you miss anything?

2. Have you had dark days? Close your eyes and sit with the Holy.  Let His everlasting love wash over you.

3.  Do you truly believe God will take care of you? 

Let us pray together:

I love you Lord. My heart sings when I hear your name, your promises, and feel your grace.

I will never miss your smile, because it never fades away. You warm me with your spirit in the sunrises and sunsets. I am blessed to be your child.

Gazing  at your love.

 I hope you’ll be my walking partner as I navigate my way through a life of whimsy, grace, and a lot of love for our Savior. You can read about my adventures on this blog, Wandering the Path, or if you’d rather, join me on my podcast Wandering the Path with Debi. 
And remember, as my Auntie used to say, “No matter how bumpy the journey, your path has already been cleared.”

Red Dirt and Pine Cones

342 271 Debi Moses

“I and the Father are one.”  John 10:30

For once we were listening when God stepped in, as our lives did a flip flop, and miraculously changed lanes. Off we went in a direction that had only been on our bucket-list of “maybe someday” and in the blink of an eye, “someday” had arrived.  One that was His next step in life for us but not exactly in our current scheme of things.  The land of our childhood had been calling our names, pine trees, red dirt and sweet smell as the seasons change in our native East Texas.  A home on a lake and a move from the hectic daily life back to our country roots had been on our list for years.  We would say things like … when we move to the lake … one day we’re going to find just the right spot and move to the lake … one day we’re going to get out of this traffic and be able to go fishing whenever we want, one day… You know the drill, you might have been there, or oh “wise one” know that your “one day” is exactly where you are now and are living in “your” moment.

So, with the volume of our hearts turned up so we could hear Him loud and clear, we left the highways and the bi-ways of the big city, and went in search of “home.” You know the spot where you feel a sense of belonging way before your address is changed, or the moving van emptied. It was as if the heavens opened on a spectacular fall Sunday guiding us among the pines to our “home.” And now with the boxes unpacked, a song in my heart and snuggled into my cozy bed, a new wake-up call cleared my foggy brain. It was my new friends “the ducks” taking flight over the lake, greeting me with their morning “Hello.”  This time of day is such a treasure, real life has yet to dawn and there’s time for those pesky scattered thoughts to scurry across my muddled brain. It’s like our puppies’ new best friends the squirrels, as they chase each other among the trees. It’s that time before my daily rhythm begins and a chance to ponder life, and even squeeze in a prayer or two. As my brain cells decided to rise and shine I cherished the peace in my heart and this time and this place. The glistening sun light bouncing off the lake was calling my name.  I threw on my comfy yoga clothes, grabbed a cup of Starbucks and slowly walked down to the sun- drenched dock. I slipped my sleep deprived body into my cozy chair and let the rays of the sun hit my face and realized it was God, not the lake, calling my name.  The sun kissing my face was the Holy One shining His gracious love for me on my tired cheeks.  As I closed my eyes I felt my Savior’s love rush over me and I truly felt one with Him. I’m at peace, let the squirrels chase themselves…  All is Well with my Soul, All is well.

Pray with me:   Holy One, open my eyes and heart so I may feel one with You as I walk my days, hear Your songs in my soul, and feel Your warm kisses on my cheeks.

Living in expectations.

Points to Ponder:

  1. When are you one with the Father?
  2. Have you found your special place?
  3. Are you aware when God touches your heart? How does it feel?







“Chicken Fried Steak” Psalm 51:21

150 150 Debi Moses

“Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.”  Psalm 51:2

A Real Mess

A Real Mess

Look at that stove.  How did I ever get myself into this mess?  Just three hours ago if you walked into our home the fragrance of pine floated through the air but now if you sniff, you are greeted by the greasy scent of a country diner.   This lovely odor is entirely  my fault.  After I lost my mind this morning with a mysterious desire to clean the house, including the stove messy from a weekend of pancakes and bacon, my  “Suzy Homemaker” mode somehow continued.

As my husband entered the back door home from a hard day at work, I asked the dumbest question of all, “What do you want for supper?” You have to understand that I don’t cook that often. I mean really cook. I might grill outside, or gather stuff from the local grocery store, even warm something in the microwave on occasion, but that’s it.

I  decided when our youngest son headed off to college, cooking was entirely overrated. I can’t deny it, the only time I really cook is when we have guests or the kids come home for a visit. So you can imagine how taken aback my husband was by my inquiry. Totally shocked, my sweetheart meekly asked, “What are the chances of chicken fried steak?” I now reverted back to my normal self and responded, “Chicken fried steak,” three of the dirtiest and most dreaded words in the dictionary of any sane cook.” You’ve got to be kidding. The kids aren’t coming home so what possible reason do I have to cook that greasy, stinky concoction? It’s a mess and besides it’s Monday and my kitchen is sparkling clean.”

At some moment in time I vaguely remembered my Bible verse for the day, “Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.” That morning, not being a Bible scholar, I looked up the definition of “iniquity.” Well believe it or not it means “sin or transgression, something done to hurt another.” So I rethought my actions, rephrased my words and said,  “What was I thinking, there’s nothing I’d rather do that cook chicken fried steak for you.” Crazy words for sure, but I certainly am glad when God looks at me some days and sees a mess He says, “Bring me some water and I’ll wash her clean AGAIN!”  And I am so thankful that He doesn’t say, “Not tonight, I can’t deal with a mess now, after all it’s Monday.”

Just in case you want to get messy here’s my recipe for Chicken Fried Steak…

You’ll need: cube steak, flour, salt, pepper, an egg,  milk and the most important ingredient, oil.  Pour the oil into the skillet and let it get sizzling  hot. Salt and pepper the meat, roll it in flour, dip it in the egg and milk mixture and roll it in the flour again.  Then place it in the hot grease.  When it’s brown and rising to the surface and the kitchen smells really tasty, you’ll know it’s time to take it out and get ready to chow down.  The most important thing to do after this is to offer a prayer of thanks that you didn’t burn down the kitchen.  Everything else is just gravy.

Points to Ponder:

1. What have you cooked lately? Did it warm your soul?

2.  Do your Bible lessons stay with you throughout your days?  What keeps them close to your heart?

3. Do you ever feel like a spiritual mess?  Why?


Pray with me:

To the Real Mr. Clean,

Thank you for being with us to wash us and clean up our messes.  We don’t always have to ask, because you know our hearts and a gentle reminder is enough.

I’m busy degreasing my life.