Spiritual Direction

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Download the Brochure

How do we begin?

Come Sit With Me

You show up. We sit in comfy chairs. I take off my shoes, because I believe we are spending time on Holy ground. You are welcome to take off your shoes as well. I light a candle to remind us of Christ’s presence in our midst. We spend some time in silent reflection, followed by a prayer. Then you begin to talk about whatever you want.

The hour is dedicated to staying attentive to the way God’s Spirit pervades your life – the way God is in the appointments, the schedules, the busy-ness, your routine, and the  way God is also in the spaces in-between.

In Spiritual Direction the Holy Spirit is the real director. All we are doing is looking together at life – hopes, desires, fears, doubts, perplexities, and life’s events – in order to become more perceptive to the Holy Spirit and follow His directions along the pathways in your life. Your Spiritual Director will journey with you as you deepen your relationship with God. Your lifelong journey of seeking God’s grace begins in confidential sessions with your Spiritual Director.

Spiritual Director’s Role

A Spiritual Director creates a circle of trust – a place where it is safe to open your heart without fear of judgment. Focus is placed on what happens in your prayer life, while exloring and making helpful suggestions on many different ways of praying.

In Spiritual Direction, we view life under “God’s Lens.” We look at everyday life and our desire to please God, while learning how to focus on the promise that God’s grace is always at work, even during our struggles. We talk about problems and issues, and in the midst of them we look for signs of God’s grace, which opens the door to our deepest desires and longings.

A Spiritual Director’s job is to direct your focus back to the present and presence of God in your life – away from the rabbits we chase and the distractions that get us off of God’s path – back to a place where we can hear what He is saying. A good Spiritual Director will help you untangle God’s holiness from your desires, so you can learn how to discern whether following your desires would lead you toward finding God’s grace.

What is My Reward?

As a good mirror reflects an image, a good Spiritual Director clarifies what the other person is saying. This is especially true if you may not be fully aware of the implications of what you say. God is at work in your relationships with other people, in your relationships with your work, with your body, with institutions, with groups to which you belong, and with things that just happen to you. In Spiritual Direction, you can talk about whatever is going on in your life, because that is where God lives and works. Spiritual Direction can guide you to a more meaningful prayer life and help you discern the grace of God, through His Holy Spirit, as you wander with good directions down the path of everyday life.

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