Do You See?

Do You See?

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God's Miracle

God’s Miracle

“See, I am doing a new thing!
 Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:19

After waiting ten minutes in the Starbucks drive through line and hearing those dreaded words, “peppermint lattes are no longer in season” the sinking feeling in my stomach only rivaled the one I had experienced the day before as I ate my last piece of fudge…It’s over, it’s done.

No more Christmas lights, no more Fa la la la la on the radio. I even changed my Jingle Bell ring tone back to my boring marimba.

It’s a new year. After a four week moratorium on the gym the realization sunk in as I rolled over, opened one eye and hit the alarm clock off button. Once again I saw the evidence looming before me that there really is a 5:30 AM. As I staggered out of bed toward my work out clothes and felt my thighs slapping against one another I knew it was time to begin again.

Well here is February and I have been to the gym but in many ways I am still beginning again. My quiet time has morphed into end-of-year projects and the birth of an adorable, delightful, gorgeous grand daughter. But it was in the early morning light as we shared our morning snuggles that my days began anew. As she lay in my arms we had our first prayer together for a sick little girl she had yet to meet who would grow to be someone dear in her life.

We began anew as I shared stories of the lives of the generations of women that came before that will always be watching her from above. There’s nothing like a birth to make you realize what beginning anew truly means. When Isaiah said “See I am doing a new thing”, I’m not sure he had in mind snuggling with a new baby, going to the gym, or changing a ringtone. But he was looking forward to the miracles that lay ahead of the Israelites, just as I was looking forward to the miracles that were yet to come in the life of precious Mae Frances and the miracles that preceded her in the generations before.

It may be February, but it still isn’t too late to begin anew and open my eyes to the wonders that are yet to come. Won’t you join me?

Pray with me:

Holy One, open my eyes that I may truly see the miracles that surround me each day of my life so I may feel Your presence as I live for You.

Points to Ponder:

1. Have you done anything to begin anew this year?

2. How do you see the miracles of God as you walk your days?

3. How do you feel the miracles of God as you walk your days?