Wandering The Path

Spiritual Reflections from Debi Moses

Dancing Down The Path

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Lent WTP“Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp.” Psalm 149:3

Finally my knee brace is packed away and with it the need for the fanciful stories of its beginnings.  There is no longer a need for stories of table dancing, soccer playing, and marathon shopping to be contrived. Life can be monotonous. The jury’s out and before the verdict is announced I probably should confess; table dancing really wasn’t the source of my knee injury. More than likely it was walking on the treadmill, the many steps spent strolling the grocery aisles, or perhaps the culmination of years walking up and down bleachers to find the perfect seat to watch our sons play some sport involving a ball. It might even have been climbing up the stairs into a playhouse to play pirate with a grandson.  It would be nice if it was from the hours spent on my knees in prayer, but more than likely it was from living life to the fullest.

Unlike the paralyzed man at the Sheep Gate in John 5:2-6, people did inquire about my condition and the boring truth obviously wasn’t the fun story they expected from me. So creative juices began to flow and this normal old mom became a table-dancing queen.  The story created was a lot more fun, exciting, made people smile and blink with curiosity wondering how well they knew this woman wandering her path.

Well since the Lenten season has begun, I guess it’s time for me to get both feet back on my path. I got my ashes on my forehead on Ash Wednesday; well twice really. I’ve got a lot for which to atone, leading all of you astray  by thinking I was a true table dancer, can weigh heavy on the heart. As I drove home from the last service, I knew dragging a sad face around with me for 40 days was not what God would want from me. That’s when Psalm 149:3 came to mind.  Praising his name with dancing and making music is right up my alley. Emptying the ashes out of my spirit and turning them into seeds of joy to share with others is a much better plan. Any time someone feels God’s incomparable love gets my happy feet tapping dancing for Him.  But I promise my feet will be on solid ground.  I don’t have a timbrel or harp, but I do have a heart filled with the Holy Spirit and a healed knee ready to step out. Put on your dancing shoes, walking shoes, or just your plain old dirty socks and praise His name with joyful music, and if any of you have a timbrel, send me the link so I can get one. It might be a great addition to my dance routine.

Points to Ponder:

1.  What makes you dance for the Lord?

2.  When is the last time you felt His joy?

3.   Do you like to share this feeling or keep it to yourself?

Pray with Me:

Dear Holy One,

As I walk and dance for You this Lenten season, show me ways that I can step out a little farther, higher, and quicker for You.

Searching for a timbrel to announce Your coming


The Look John 5:6

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Run and dance“When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, “Do you want to get well?” “Sir,” the invalid replied, “I have no one to help me. John 5:6-7

“Do you want to get well?” Jesus asked the man as he lay by the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem. Surely people inquired about this poor man as they did me while I sported my snappy looking knee brace. He had been lying by the pool for years and no one would help him into the healing waters.

Unlike him, I garnished many looks and remarks as I limped along wearing my new fashion accessory. “You poor thing” or  “Did you strain your knee running in a marathon?” were just a few.  (I don’t even know how many miles are in a marathon, but if it equals four laps around North Park Mall, that might be a realistic possibility.) Being a straight – forward person, the truth always came out. “Never table dance in six inch heels. It can be hazardous to your health, especially if your husband spills lemonade on the table.  In fact, it can result in a slip and fall even by the most balanced of dancers like me.”  As I perched on the edge of that rickety table looking for a hand to catch me, I wonder how many blessings I have missed by being self-absorbed and passing others with despair in their eyes as they sat on the edge of the pool of life like the man at the Sheep Gate?  They might have been looking for a hand to catch them, push them into the healing waters, or praying for a listening ear and gentle touch.  Praying for the Holy to enter their being so they could be healed body, mind and spirit.

Like them, sometimes I limp through my days looking for a little help and others I dance, enjoying every minute. But then I slip on the edge and in fear grasp the edge instead of diving in headfirst. Perhaps since my table-dancing days are over, I’ll have more time to keep my feet on the ground, listen for the Holy One and keep my eyes open for others who want to go for a little dip. I’m blessed someone tossed me in years ago, but I can always use a refreshing dip.

Pray with me:

Dear Lord of Refreshment,

Your healing powers are just a breath away. Help me to let go and slip into Your healing arms.

I’m dancing for You

Points to Ponder:

1.  What prevents you from resting in Jesus’ arms?

2.  Have you ever seen pain or hurt in someone’s eyes? Were you present for them?

3. Have you been touched by a stranger’s kindness to you?


Kit Kat -The Gift – James 1:17

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The Gift

Q’s Favorite

 “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

I should have covered my eyes until the checker said, “Next please,” but oh no, standing beside me encouraging the purchase was the “good and perfect gift” God had brought into my life three years ago. I love presents and when they improve with age they’re even better. Notebooks, pencils, pens, and folders along with a snappy backpack were atop the pile in the shopping cart as we headed to the check out line. We thought we were finished with back-to-school shopping until before us, loomed those pesky racks that surround all lines.  Instead of the usual stash of magazines, was a shelf full of big fat, chocolaty, crunchy Kit Kats.

My gift had grown from a 13- year old boy to a man of 16 who can eat all the Kit Kats he wants and still fit into his clothes. (Maddening!) Well of course you can imagine what happened.  He got the king-size Kit Kat and I got the mini.  After all, you can’t let a kid eat alone. The same thought I had when we chowed down on ribs at our next stop after he got new school shoes, and the same thought I had when we got ice cream as we finished up our shopping.

When our day was finished and I took Q home, I got my hug and before he got half way to his door, the light bulb went off in his brain and he remembered the rest of his Kit Kat.  It had taken refuge in my purse when we were loading the car in the 105 degree Texas heat.  When he smiled it was as if the Father was shining His heavenly lights on him as that “good and perfect gift” warmed my heart and made me thankful I was who I am and where I was.  I could have been in the mall shopping for more “stuff” to adorn our house or my body, or spending my time on more exercise or heaven forbid doing the laundry.  But I was sitting in my car in the heat reveling at the fact that something like a Kit Kat could make a child’s eyes twinkle with our Father’s lights. In fact, I think I have some let over Kit Kats from last Halloween in the pantry. I know they will put a twinkle in my eyes with the memory of a day well spent.

Points to Ponder:

1.  How do you spend your days?

2.  Do you have a “good and perfect gift” in your life?

What is it?

3.  Have God’s heavenly lights ever shown in your life?

Pray with me:

Dear Sweet One,

I’m always looking for the light from above that you share with me. Guide me to always be open to the brightness all around.

Thanking you








What’s Your Number? – The Book of Life

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Guest Author:  Dr. John Austin

I’ve been “wandering” this summer, but he’s been steady and on the right TEAM. I thought you might enjoy his wisdom.

Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.”     

I Corinthians 9:25

Paul was urging all his readers to strive for an imperishable crown given to all who die in Christ. There were big Olympic Games held in Corinth, Paul knew that everyone would know what he was talking about. The winner of the race was crowned with a laurel wreath that would soon fall apart.

Football season is back again. The local high schools are playing their first games. The teams are all decked out in their new uniforms with numbers and their names on the back of their jerseys– they are in different colors so that we can tell the home team from the visitors. They say there is no “I” in team (TEAM) each player sacrifices his desires to be a member of the team–not all the players can be the quarterback–but all make their unique contributions. While there is no “I” in team–there is a big “I” in WIN. The individual team members play as a unit so the team can win the game.


We Christians have a uniform on earth and you should be able to tell that we are different than the rest of the world. We pray, we give, we joyfully serve and hopefully, we show our true colors as soldiers of Christ. We know who we are and to whom we belong. Our number is not on our back, but is written in God’s book of life that assures us that we have won the race and will receive our crown of righteous that will last forever.

In the mean time, we need to play the game, to serve, and to invite other players to be a member of Christ’s earthly team so that their number might be found in God’s book of life.

Let us Pray:

O Lord, as the football stadiums are filled with fans this fall, help us to be Your loyal fan and remember that we all have gifts that we can use in your service. Let us press forward as your servants to win our everlasting crown.


I Can Speak – The Great Commission

150 150 Debi Moses

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” ~Mark 16:15



I have been blessed! Mom finally reached that boiling point with Lucy’s obnoxious yapping and made her wear her “quit barking” t-shirt. That sister of mine never shuts up. It’s bark when the squirrel is on the fence, bark when someone comes to the door, bark when Dad comes home. I’ve decided she barks just to hear her bossy little voice. I haven’t been able to get a word in edgewise. Yap, yap, yap! Now it’s my turn. After all, I am the male and suppose to be the great defender of the castle.

For now I’m going to just perch here on my chair and be sure no one tries to hurt Mom. You can never be too careful. It feels pretty good to be the one in charge of our domain. Oops, there’s that pesky squirrel. He’s not really bothering anything, just hanging out. Wait a minute, he just jumped in my tree, you know the one that I water every morning. Hey, Lucy, get off your duff and get that squirrel. Oops, that’s my job now… but I don’t want to tell anyone how they should run their life. I bet momma squirrel is getting acorns to feed her babies. I certainly don’t want to contribute to the starving children problem. That World Vision that feeds hungry children is one of Mom’s pet “causes”, and she might put that t-shirt on me, too.

I hear a lot more than everyone thinks I do. Like when Mom says I’m the strong silent type, not the brains of the outfit.  Hmmm… I haven’t quite figured out how to take that comment. I also hear Mom talk a lot to this guy named Jesus.  I think she’s supposed to tell others about Him, but she seems to have this ongoing discussion about not wanting to be pushy or meddle in others’ lives. That’s kinda like me. I just like to hear stuff and ponder as I lay on the back of my chair. But not Lucy. She just jumps up and goes out and tells everyone the Good News. I’m really not shy, just sometimes my thoughts get confused, and my words get all twisted.

I think Mom’s discussion with Jesus is over something called the “Great Commission”. She’s supposed to go out and tell the world about Him. She says, “Sharing recipes and stories about Miles is a lot easier.” I gather Jesus is a kinda personal topic. (But she didn’t mind sharing my most embarrassing moment of the “cone incident” with the world did she?)

Anyway, she’s been spending a lot of time with Him lately on her kneeling bench. That usually means change is in the wind. Yep, there she goes… she’s talking to Pastor Stan… that’s not a good sign for me. She’ll be gone all the time, and Sister and I will be left alone in our room without a TV. (I’ve gotta talk to her about that. Every guy needs his Sports Center.) Well, I guess you can’t spread the gospel if you sit in your house all day with two adorable puppies, just like Lucy can’t share her story if she wears that t-shirt all the time and doesn’t express herself.

Maybe I better make a move and let the world know I’m alive and ready to share that Great Commission, too. I think it’s something about that Jesus fellow. I better open my ears and see what I can find out. I did hear on TV the other night about how dogs are being used to cheer up old people. Maybe I’ll get me a “cause” and live out the “Great Commission” – go into the world and preach the gospel to all creation. I guess in Lucy’s case, that means squirrels. I wouldn’t mind having a t- shirt with Mark 16:15 on it. I can just see me now….

Points to Ponder:

1. Have you ever followed the “Great Commission”? When?

2. How do you feel if you ignore the “great Commission?

3. Is there Someone in your life who hears more than you think?

Pray with me:

Dear Hearer of all,

You’re everywhere in my world. I thank You for hearing, loving, and  guiding me to follow You.

Listening and following.