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As you can tell from the list of devotionals, God and I have been having great conversations! However, you haven’t been getting notifications, so I bet you thought, “Oh well, this web idea was just another one of Debi’s experiments,” but for once that was not the case.

I have learned a lot about the blogging world, but obviously not enough. I hope we have the situation worked out now, so you will know when a period of enlightenment comes my way, and a new post is published. I treasure your prayers and support!

Walking slowly on the path,


Worry Wart

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Weighing In…”do not worry about your life…” Matthew 6:25

Being the master of offering free advice is not exactly a great reputation to have, unless you’re the true Master, Jesus. It’s so easy to tell others not to be a “worrywart” if your life is running smoothly. After all, your ulcers have healed from the last crisis. Like your friends’, your 401k is in the tank, your arms are flabby, but yet there are no “real worries” in your life at this second. Since I am at this moment in a “worry free zone” it’s easy to share the wisdom in Matthew 6:25 through Jesus’ words “…do not worry about your life…” Today it’s effortless to say, “Don’t worry, it will be okay, just hang in there; God has a plan He always does, or what will be will be, or have you prayed about it, honey?” Unfortunately I’ve never had the confidence in Jesus’ words to share them with someone who is experiencing a tragedy in their life, or perhaps unable to buy food or clothes for their children. To tell someone who is hurting not to be anxious about these things, means having to live the words of Jesus. Jesus’ disciples, to whom He was speaking, had to truly “live” His words. They had no source of income, depended on others for their clothes, food and basic necessities. When we are troubled we take on unnecessary burdens that do not belong to us, it’s Jesus’.He is responsible for us. Worry won’t add a single hour to our lives, but instead it might take some away. If we have faith in Christ and trust in His care, the situation may not change, but our attitude certainly will. He loves us through difficult situations. If we act worried and tell people we are worried, are we able to see ourselves at Jesus’ feet?Perhaps, deep inside our hearts we don’t believe we can trust our Savior to take care of our needs? Or we do not trust our own weary souls? As His love takes over our hearts it will be noticeable from our mouths and through our actions.We are bound to agonize; it is our nature to do so. He loves us and wants to take care of us.We just need to let Him.So dear companion, will you gently remind me of this next time dark clouds blow my way and I forget to hit my knees and offer it all to my Healer?

Points to Ponder

1. How easy is it for you to give your worries to God? Who do you have the most faith in when it comes to solving your problems?

2. Do you have worry free days? Has there been a time in your life when worrying has helped?

3. In times of anxiety, do you trust God? Does that impact the full extent in which you believe in Him and live your life?

Perhaps you can take a deep breath, and blow out those feelings of apprehension as we pray.

Pray with Me

Giver of Life,

We are selfish humans, who love to hold on to our troubles instead of sharing them with you. Relieve us of these burdens as we open our hands and hearts and turn our lives over to you. Your arms are always open and Your heart is ready to accept us.

Leaving our cares behind


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 “Truly, I tell you, just you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” Matthew 25:40 NKJ

Was it the tiredness from being overwhelmed by the task in front of me, or the tender touch of the Holy Spirit that awakened me? The visible debris came from the home our sons lived in while attending college. As I looked around at the odds aistock_000004902238xsmall1nd ends scattered throughout the house, an unexpected awareness of the leftovers I have tossed aside came upon me. Not the stuff in my life that I once treasured, but the friends or others that enter my life by invitation, or by God piloting my journey. The house looked in remarkable order until the linen closet fell open. Out tumbled mysterious clothes of various sizes and shapes, leftovers from six years of roommates. My mind went to people of various sizes and shapes who are no longer valued and unable to pick themselves up. As I bent down and retrieved socks and shirts I tried to remember the last time I bent down to help someone pick themselves up? In the utility room I was greeted by hidden surprises that peeped out from behind the dryer. Seeking to reach the treasures lurking there was a task, but much easier than looking into the deep searching eyes of a runway teenager living at  Promise House. I gazed out the kitchen window, and there among the weeds and grass, were two holey recliners. In my mind I saw the homeless on the streets that have withstood all types of weather in their torn and tattered clothes, and have still survived. Some of these bits and pieces scattered around the house were special and full of memories, others pushed away, stuffed in cabinets forgotten, behind the dryer and ignored. The spirit of our Lord swept in and reminded me of the lives of those our society pitches out and ignores because they are no longer needed or just old and in the way. Bishop Hee Soo Jung refers to these as the “others” in our world of privilege. Are these the “least of these” to which Jesus was referring? I disposed of the leftovers from the boy’s house by calling Goodwill. It is my prayer that I will show good will to the others in my life and the valuable children of God that society often deems as leftovers. As the Holy Spirit fills me, may they see the One who nudged me among my mess and awakened my soul to the needs of many. Who are your others? Consider picking up the phone and calling them, offering a hand up instead of a hand out or better yet, if you can, go give them a hug.

Points to Ponder

 1. Who “pilots” your life?

 2.Who is in your “family” for Christ?Is there someone you need to add?

 3.Are you willing to become one of the “least of these”? Are you in our Savior’s immediate family, or perhaps a distant cousin?


Pray with Me


 Heavenly Father,

Today we come before you in need of healing. Restore to health those areas in our hearts that are broken.Our brokenness is because we have not always reached out to the “least of these.” Guide us to become true members of Your family, so the “others” in our lives will see You shining through our actions. Please Father, lift us up so we can become one of Your least, serving You and You alone.

Joining You



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The Truth Revealed

The Truth Revealed

“But when you pray, go into your closet, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.” Matthew 6:6 KJV

As I was putting the last can of soup in my newly organized pantry, I wondered if this was what God intended when He said “go to your closet and pray.” I doubted it. Unfortunately I have a slight character flaw. To be able to give myself permission to just “be” and sit with Christ every day, I thought everything had to be in order. Before my heart could be ready for God’s visit, my house had to be in order, even the closets. It was time they were emptied of the high school treasures left behind by my boys, new shelving  installed, and finally painted. This took three days, three days with no God time. As I finished painting the last closet, a new realization came to me; manual labor is highly over rated. I just knew if everything was done and there were no distractions I could develop a habit of “being” with Him. Oswald Chambers says, “Love means there are no visible habits – that your habits are so immersed in the Lord that you practice them without realizing it.” Once again I was chasing and not listening. My lack of habit was the very thing the Lord wanted for me. I can go to my Redeemer anytime and let Him guide me as I clean out the closets in my heart. Some are messy and some appear to be in precise order, until you pull the clothes back and see the stuff stashed underneath. Others, like my pantry are in precise order with everything in its place. But how long will it stay that way? If I let Him, my Lord will meet me in the quiet spaces of my heart and help me walk with Him step by step as I navigate the closets of my life. Every nook and cranny can be open for all to see, and I can experience the joy He intends for me. As I sit in my closet and have a one-on-one conversation with my Lord, my heart will be wide open and my deepest desires exposed. And I know if I listen closely enough, His words will be whispered in my ear and His deepest desires for me will be imprinted on my heart. Are your closets clean? Don’t waste precious time as I did. Spend every minute you breathe with our precious Jesus. Take it from one who knows, our Guide cares about you, His companion.

Points to Ponder

1. How often do you truly “pray to your Father”? Do you discuss your wish list, or is it like a sincere visit with a loving friend?

2. Is your closet so cluttered that you cannot see or hear Him during your conservation? If so, what has caused this distance between you and your Lord?

3. Are there things in your closet that made it difficult for you to pray as you desire? If you can, throw away the distractions and speak to Him. He is ready to listen.

 Pray with Me
Dear One,
Guide me to have more personal visits with you, so my prayers are directed to You, and You alone. Precious Father, direct me to pray to You first, not as a habit, but as part of the ebb and flow of my life.
Delighting in our time together,
The Queen of Messy Closets


Etched in My Heart

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istock_000001363477xsmall“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you…” Ezekiel 36:26 NKJV

I was awakened from a sound sleep with the words “It might not be etched in the sand of the Jordan River, but it is etched in your heart.” I knew I should get up and write down this message and any thoughts that might follow, but of course I didn’t. Instead I lay there just trying to go back to sleep and piece together what on earth those words could possibly mean. That was two months ago. Two months of pondering and wondering on what the purpose of that message might be. Through this Lenten season I have felt the etching of God’s love on my heart and am finally able to piece together that undecipherable late night communication I received from my Lord. At Travis Park United Methodist in San Antonio I sat among street people, children, moms and dads, all in love with Him as we sang and praised His name. A feeling of freedom was etched in my heart. The Mass I later attended at San Fernando Cathedral was not in my comfort zone. I didn’t know the prayers or recitations, when to kneel, sit or stand. It didn’t matter. I knew God was in that place. A feeling of acceptance was etched in my heart. In my home church, Lovers Lane United Methodist, I know the people and the Ash Wednesday service; however this year it was different. The service had more meaning. A feeling of sanctuary was etched in my heart. During each worship service I was surrounded by children of God. Their faces glowed with their love for our Father. I think the words in Ezekiel 36:26 say it well. I have been given a “new heart”. One that is more open to the spirit of the Lord as He enters my soul. One that is more accepting. One that is ready for the etchings, the memories and experiences that can change a heart, so there is room for His spirit to pierce. Has your heart been etched with His love? It doesn’t hurt; in fact you will feel warm all over!

Points to Ponder

1. How would you care for your new heart? What might you do to keep it from becoming soiled?

2. Are there special memories etched in your heart? Would you want them transferred into your new heart? Take a moment and relive them.

3. Can you feel the Holy Spirit as it etches changes in your heart? Do these changes affect the way you walk with the Lord? Would you like a brand new heart or just a heart adjustment?

Pray with Me

Breath of Life,

You have given us a heart to live for you. Open ours so it might be ready to receive all you have planned for us. Bring moments to us that make us pause and say, “Spirit Lord enter in, for a new life we will begin.”

Waiting with an open heart