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When Jacob awoke from his sleep, he thought, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it.” Genesis 28:16

Just so you know, I am not a fan of shoes. You know those things you wear on your feet to keep from stepping on snakes or stickers or an occasional rock?  When my neighbors remind me that walking around barefoot in the summer is not the safest thing, my consistent response is, “I am connecting with Mother Earth and Sister Sky, and between the two, my feet are in good hands.” So of course, on this noteworthy day, it would be unthinkable for them to see me cringe as I stepped on a particular edgy stone. Some things are just better kept to yourself, except when the Holy jumps in, touches your heart and you find yourself out on a limb blabbing to the world.

It’s amazing when something like the “ouch” of a rock can cause you to catch your breath and reach into the recesses of your mind,  and trigger a  memory of a  heartfelt time of a mountain top experience that stays with you. Like a well-told Bible story, or a flash of young sons playing in the yard, or maybe just a “God tap” on the shoulder. 

This “ouch” led me back to a time when my Savior held my hand through a journey and a wake-up call, much like He did Jacob after he awoke from his nap in Bethel and said, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it.”  Genesis 28:16.  Man, oh man have I been there, and it took a hike up a mountain and many conversations with God to fully rise and shine in His glory. My husband and I had gone on a weekend getaway and he was playing golf so I went looking for my “God” place, my Bethel where I could trust the Holy to bless my prayers for my sons. Where His Son would shine upon them every day so they would grow in faith and love. A place as others walked by, our young sons would soak up a stranger’s need, joy, or kindness so they could be true examples of God’s glory as they grew into men. It wasn’t an easy hike, but it was worth every breathless step to truly give them to the glory of God. In a meadow filled with blooming wildflowers and the afternoon sun shining down, I fell on my knees and gave them wholly to Him, and left.

Yep, some mother I am, just walking away and leaving the hopes and dreams for my babies with Him. Well about halfway down the mountain, and really feeling good about myself,  I changed my mind.  “Of course, I could take much better care of them than God possibly could”, so I hauled it back up the mountain, snagged two dirty rocks from among the leaves and flowers that I decided looked like them after a baseball game, stuck them back in my pocket and raced down the mountain as if God was going to grab me from behind and snatch them back.  Was I a crazy mom or what? When we returned home I placed these rocks in my flower bed and once again became in charge of their worlds. 

Years later, we moved from the home and the flower bed that held the memorial stones that had made the trip down the mountain that day, and through the years, as the flowers had grown, so had my sons. The King of all Kings had listened to my prayers on that mountaintop and honored them, He could care for them in ways I never could, He gave His life for them, I just shared mine. As I was loading my garden tools onto the moving truck, I gazed upon the beds and remembered the rocks and the trip up the mountain, the words of the mystic,  Julian of Norwich surrounded my heart, “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”. I finally got it. God is the “all” thing  I had grown to love and trust with the most precious gifts ever shared with me, and at last, I could leave them among the roses in their Father’s care.  As I trudged off with the Holy holding my hand I might have been limping a little, but I was well. He’s my Rock and my Redeemer and I pray He is yours.

Points to Ponder

1.  Have you ever felt the need to be on your knees with the Father?  Do you remember the time?

2.  Have you ever doubted God’s plans?  What made you do this?

3.  Where do you feel “All things will be well?”

Pray with Me

Dear Lord of my dreams,

I trust you with my all and all and know that you are the One who will hold my hand during “ouch” times.  I am favored to have you in my life and so thankful for others that have guided me along the way so when I fall on my knees, I know you will catch me.

Your Blessed one.

 I hope you’ll be my walking partner as I navigate my way through a life of whimsy, grace, and a lot of love for our Savior. You can read about my adventures on this blog, Wandering the Path, or if you’d rather, join me on my podcast Wandering the Path with Debi. 
And remember, as my Auntie used to say, “No matter how bumpy the journey, your path has already been cleared.”