Kit Kat -The Gift – James 1:17

Kit Kat -The Gift – James 1:17

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The Gift

Q’s Favorite

 “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

I should have covered my eyes until the checker said, “Next please,” but oh no, standing beside me encouraging the purchase was the “good and perfect gift” God had brought into my life three years ago. I love presents and when they improve with age they’re even better. Notebooks, pencils, pens, and folders along with a snappy backpack were atop the pile in the shopping cart as we headed to the check out line. We thought we were finished with back-to-school shopping until before us, loomed those pesky racks that surround all lines.  Instead of the usual stash of magazines, was a shelf full of big fat, chocolaty, crunchy Kit Kats.

My gift had grown from a 13- year old boy to a man of 16 who can eat all the Kit Kats he wants and still fit into his clothes. (Maddening!) Well of course you can imagine what happened.  He got the king-size Kit Kat and I got the mini.  After all, you can’t let a kid eat alone. The same thought I had when we chowed down on ribs at our next stop after he got new school shoes, and the same thought I had when we got ice cream as we finished up our shopping.

When our day was finished and I took Q home, I got my hug and before he got half way to his door, the light bulb went off in his brain and he remembered the rest of his Kit Kat.  It had taken refuge in my purse when we were loading the car in the 105 degree Texas heat.  When he smiled it was as if the Father was shining His heavenly lights on him as that “good and perfect gift” warmed my heart and made me thankful I was who I am and where I was.  I could have been in the mall shopping for more “stuff” to adorn our house or my body, or spending my time on more exercise or heaven forbid doing the laundry.  But I was sitting in my car in the heat reveling at the fact that something like a Kit Kat could make a child’s eyes twinkle with our Father’s lights. In fact, I think I have some let over Kit Kats from last Halloween in the pantry. I know they will put a twinkle in my eyes with the memory of a day well spent.

Points to Ponder:

1.  How do you spend your days?

2.  Do you have a “good and perfect gift” in your life?

What is it?

3.  Have God’s heavenly lights ever shown in your life?

Pray with me:

Dear Sweet One,

I’m always looking for the light from above that you share with me. Guide me to always be open to the brightness all around.

Thanking you