Holy Week ~ Monday

Holy Week ~ Monday

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It was Palm Sunday. The laughing children had walked down the aisle at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church with their palm branches waving and once again I started crying. Every Holy Weekyear it’s the same thing  until that glorious Easter morning. Our Savior’s last week on earth is one that stirs my soul, breaks my heart, and strengthens my faith. Wander with me this week and share your experiences. It’s a joy to be on the path with you!

“Abide in me as I abide in you.”  John 15:4


God is far greater than anything we can imagine.  Yet, through Jesus, we can know the loving nature of our Creator.  Scripture tells us that God is love, and we are His delight.  God comes to us and resides in our very being.  Do you feel a stirring in your soul?

Pray with me:

Compassionate One,

Why did You do it? The lashes seared into Your back, making You cry out in pain, and still You took them for us. Your love for us grew with each unbearable strike of the whip. To feel Your love grow inside of us is  a glorious wonder.  As we sense Your Holy warmth within us, we are made whole.