Don’t Make Me Go!

Don’t Make Me Go!

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The Winner

“And he saith unto them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.’ And they straightway left their nets, and followed him.”

Matthew 4:19-20

My husband, Mike, saith unto me, “We’re going to the Indianapolis 500.”  I saith unto him, “Why on earth would I want to perch myself in a grandstand while I endure the broiling heat and watch roaring little cars go around and around and around in a circle?  And if a fiery crash were to occur it would scar me for life and leave me quaking at the thought of driving on the toll road.  Besides, the Indianapolis 500 is not on my bucket list, so why on earth would I want to waste my valuable time going to a car race?”  He saith unto me, “Too bad, we have suite tickets, airplane flights, and a lovely place to stay, so put on your big girl panties, we’re going.”  He didn’t exactly say, “put on your big girl panties”, but after thirty-eight years of marriage I know the inflection of his voice, and that was the jest of our conversation.

Admittedly I was not my normal perky, cheerful self when the topic would arise during conservations with friends.  It was comforting to me when the girls would say, “Why are you going to the Indy when there are so many other wonderful places to visit?”  But then the guys would chime in, “Why wouldn’t she want to go?  It’s an amazing race.  It’s one of those things everyone needs to see in person once in their lives.”  So you guessed it.  I went.

While pondering the impending trip I began to equate this journey into the unknown with that of the disciples when Jesus called them to drop their nets and follow Him. They had a good life going for them.  A job, good food, families that loved them, a warm place to sleep and this man says, “Follow me.”  You know, these fearless men didn’t argue or pout, they just dropped their nets and followed Him.  The disciples had heard about our Savior’s miracles, felt His love and were honored by His invitation.  Being such a doubter sometimes, I wonder what I would have done if I had gotten “the call”.  Would I have questioned our accommodations along our journey?  Would I have told Jesus “no thanks” because following Him wasn’t on my bucket list?  Would I have told my joyous Leader I have better things to do?  I pray I would have been a willing follower like the disciples and joyfully dropped everything and walked beside Him.

Each time the fearless Indy drivers sped by, Jesus gave me a chance to pray for their safety and their families’ peace.  Each time a mention was made of the service men and women in the crowd in honor of Memorial Day, it was another time to give thanks for the freedom they have helped to secure for me.  Every moment was a joy and a blessing, because I ignored my desires and stepped out of my comfort zone into an opportunity to follow His plans for me.  The race, new friends, and the sense that God was in the midst teaching me a lesson, again, made the trip one of my most memorable experiences.  I just needed to gladly drop my net of inhibitions, fears, and pride and follow where He led me.  Even if I had to listen to Mike saith unto me, “I told you so.”

Points to Ponder:

1.   Has God called you to go fishing?  What was your response?

2.   Is it easy for you to see God as He works in your life?

3.   Be a witness for our Lord and share with others a time you felt God’s calling.

Pray with me: Dear Father of opportunities, Help me to be open and listen to your call.  Your plans are always the best.

Going fishing with You…