Dancing Down The Path

Dancing Down The Path

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Lent WTP“Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp.” Psalm 149:3

Finally my knee brace is packed away and with it the need for the fanciful stories of its beginnings.  There is no longer a need for stories of table dancing, soccer playing, and marathon shopping to be contrived. Life can be monotonous. The jury’s out and before the verdict is announced I probably should confess; table dancing really wasn’t the source of my knee injury. More than likely it was walking on the treadmill, the many steps spent strolling the grocery aisles, or perhaps the culmination of years walking up and down bleachers to find the perfect seat to watch our sons play some sport involving a ball. It might even have been climbing up the stairs into a playhouse to play pirate with a grandson.  It would be nice if it was from the hours spent on my knees in prayer, but more than likely it was from living life to the fullest.

Unlike the paralyzed man at the Sheep Gate in John 5:2-6, people did inquire about my condition and the boring truth obviously wasn’t the fun story they expected from me. So creative juices began to flow and this normal old mom became a table-dancing queen.  The story created was a lot more fun, exciting, made people smile and blink with curiosity wondering how well they knew this woman wandering her path.

Well since the Lenten season has begun, I guess it’s time for me to get both feet back on my path. I got my ashes on my forehead on Ash Wednesday; well twice really. I’ve got a lot for which to atone, leading all of you astray  by thinking I was a true table dancer, can weigh heavy on the heart. As I drove home from the last service, I knew dragging a sad face around with me for 40 days was not what God would want from me. That’s when Psalm 149:3 came to mind.  Praising his name with dancing and making music is right up my alley. Emptying the ashes out of my spirit and turning them into seeds of joy to share with others is a much better plan. Any time someone feels God’s incomparable love gets my happy feet tapping dancing for Him.  But I promise my feet will be on solid ground.  I don’t have a timbrel or harp, but I do have a heart filled with the Holy Spirit and a healed knee ready to step out. Put on your dancing shoes, walking shoes, or just your plain old dirty socks and praise His name with joyful music, and if any of you have a timbrel, send me the link so I can get one. It might be a great addition to my dance routine.

Points to Ponder:

1.  What makes you dance for the Lord?

2.  When is the last time you felt His joy?

3.   Do you like to share this feeling or keep it to yourself?

Pray with Me:

Dear Holy One,

As I walk and dance for You this Lenten season, show me ways that I can step out a little farther, higher, and quicker for You.

Searching for a timbrel to announce Your coming