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Charlie Knows Best

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Poor Me

“Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.”  Psalm 36:5

A simple teeth cleaning and mole removal should not have been so difficult. I remember my sister, Lucy, having a mole removed last year and how she worked her drama-queen act and got special attention for three days. But hey, I’m a tough manly dog so I didn’t think it would be that hard on me, even though there is that haunting, reoccurring nightmare of my last surgery when I woke up with some very important body parts missing!

Mom and Dad left me at Torture Town overnight, knowing full well that I’m not into sleepovers, especially with the vet. By the time Mom picked me up I was almost healed, but I performed my crafty shivering routine so she would think I was extremely traumatized. When Mom carried me out to the car wrapped in her loving arms, I was still a bit drowsy, but began plotting ways to make the most of her sympathetic guilt for what she had done to me. As she carried me I heard her mumble something about not being sure I was worth the money I cost them. That shocking comment instantly awakened me into full consciousness, and I quickly made a note to myself, “Poop outside, not in the house for the next few days!”

My stitches had been in for two weeks … that’s fourteen long, tedious days of itching and misery … that’s longer than it takes human stitches to heal! Enough was enough of those pesky itching stitches, so I began to take matters into my own paws and started gnawing on them trying to get them out. Unfortunately, Mom saw me and put that crown of shame on my head. I’ll just say it was pretty humiliating. Even the squirrels laughed at me when I was on yard patrol! Thankfully, my manly Dad came to my rescue and made my over-protective mother take that ridiculous cone off my head. We manly-men have to stick together. But then Dad put a crazy Scooby Doo Band-Aid on me in its place! What was he thinking? I had to do one of Mom’s yoga contortionist moves to jerk that stupid thing off. Once again I could attack the source of my misery, but in final exasperation I had to call on Nurse Lucy to pull out the last stitch. Whew! What a relief! Now I wouldn’t need a return visit to the vet to have those annoying pieces of thread yanked out, or so I thought. The next morning when Mom was doing her wound inspection she went ballistic when she noticed the stitches were gone. Where were they? Had I swallowed them? She had seen Lucy examining and licking them earlier in the week. Could Lucy have swallowed them? Had my incision healed correctly? There were too many unanswered questions, so Mom loaded me in the car and took me back to the House of Pain.

Even though Mom was concerned, I could tell she was also a bit annoyed with me, so in an attempt to get a little sympathy, I was shaking when she handed me to the vet. But wow, I got a great surprise. Dr. Ben said he had never seen such a great job of suture removal. In fact, since the evidence showed that I had a steady touch, he suggested I apply for vet school in the fall. I’ve been trying to tell Mom I was capable of doing more than chasing squirrels and napping all day. I could really make a difference in this world. But what about Mom, Dad, and Lucy? I know they would be heartbroken if I leave.

Today I heard Mom during her quiet time trying to memorize Psalm 36:5. She quoted aloud, “Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.”

That scripture made me rethink going off to vet school. I have been told I’m quite a lover, and there is no one as faithful as me. I can make a difference right here at home. I’ll be here when someone needs a loving hug; I’ll be here wagging my tail in encouragement when they come home from a long hard day. Loving and faithful … two traits I can share with my family and other people I meet. I may be just a dog, but I can be His paws on earth. Besides, my study skills are little rusty, and what’s that old saying about teaching an old dog new tricks?

Points to Ponder:

1. Do you see God’s love around you? In what way?

2. Do you share God’s love? How?

3. Are you satisfied with your life? Is there anything that you would change?

Pray with me:

Dear Faithful One,

Open my eyes to see Your heavenly love around me. Help me to share Your faithfulness with others as I listen for Your plans for me.

Awaiting your touch.


  • How fun! Knowing Charlie, I think you pegged him just right! You also have such a gift for all who love you too! Great way to start the morning! LY

  • Thanks friend!!

  • Debi & Charlie I’ve always believed dogs are very smart. But like with God we are’nt listening. Thank you Love Gail

  • I love Charlie!!!!! My pup is named Charlie too, so I noticed him right away and just think he is adorable, if a little bit naughty!!! I hope to hear from your Charlie often!!! God bless you and Charlie and dad and Lucy!!!!!

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