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For I am mindful of the sincere faith within you, which first dwelt in your grandmothers Lois (dede and Gran) and your mother Eunice (Laura), and I am sure that it is in you as well.” 2 Timothy 1:5

It all started with B3. You know, the number on a Bingo card. Like every grandmother in the world, I decided our granddaughter should learn a skill that would serve her well throughout life. I thought calling out Bingo numbers might lead to a consistent Saturday afternoon gig at the old folks’ home. I had visions of her visiting me in my golden years at the most fun retirement center ever. I could just see me proudly introducing her, if I could remember her name on that day, and playing Bingo with my red, purple, or white haired gang. She would be a great addition because by then, she would be able to call out the numbers and put the number on the chart. She would be so agile she could grab any wayward ball. 

It’s unbelievable how quickly that little ball can scoot across the table and cause a scavenger hunt to ensue. It was during this scurrying around on the floor that the shocking truth was discovered. Not the B3 ball, but Mae’s announcement of “dede you’ve got a big wrinkle right there,” as she poked her little finger in the middle of my forehead. One word floated through my brain… BOTOX.

“Oh my, I guess I better take care of that,” I said. Mae replied, “Don’t worry dede, you have a lot more.” Why that was so good to know. A lot of wrinkles, just what any 68 year-old woman wants to hear. I was indeed mindful that Mae had recognized I had wrinkles a plenty, after all they were pretty obvious with her young eyes. In fact those crinkly little lines greeted me every morning when I looked in the mirror and were there to stay. It’s tricky to phrase every response to her curious little questions and comments. If I don’t think before I speak,  I hear the story traveling as it progresses down the line to her mom and dad, and sometimes it even makes to Gran, her other source of wisdom. Oh my goodness, that conversation could have gone in so many directions. Mae’s a great Bible scholar for a six year-old, even if I do say so myself.  I could have thrown the story about the lost sheep or the lost coin. Or what about the prodigal son who was lost but then found. You know, be thankful for what God gives you. All of God’s children and wrinkles are important, but no, I was trying to remember my schedule so I could work out a time to get that Botox. 

All of my precious grandchildren can remember more stuff than I forget in a day, and that is saying a lot. Teaching, guiding, sharing is so important if we want to sow seeds about Jesus for them to remember. But you know what? So is playing Bingo and chasing a rolling B3 down the stairs. I think I’ll be mindful and have fun! Jesus even managed to do it as He strolled toward his last days with His disciples. Our faith can be shown how we live our lives, whether we’re walking down the path with Jesus, or playing Bingo. And remember that precious Bible school song,  “O be careful little mouth what you say, O be careful little mouth what you say, There’s a Father above, And He’s looking down in love, So, be careful little mouth what you say.”

Blessings in the name of the Christ who is behind us, with us, and in the days to come.

Points to Ponder

1. Is it easy to be mindful of what we say?

2. How do you impact the people in your life? Who impacted you?

3. Do you live your faith?

Pray with Me

Precious Father,

You are with me in all things, even when my mouth speaks in ways that are not nurturing to all. Help me to be careful what I say. For I know you are looking and guiding me from above.

Rolling down the road.

I’d like to close today with a few thoughts by Thomas Merton that I keep on my heart as I write my words.

What do I mean by this?  Am I saying what I mean?  Have I some notion of the consequences of what I am saying?  I truly pray that I do. 

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And remember, as my Auntie used to say, “No matter how bumpy the road, your path has already been cleared.”