About Me

Being firmly entrenched in the Christian faith,  I have spent my life in church, embracing the minister’s teachings as he explained the word of God.   Never questioning, I just accepted his seminary knowledge as the only way to walk with my Father.  Then one day, after finally listening to myself concerning what I perceived to be my spiritual incompleteness, I realized the gentle nudges I had felt were from above and my heart was opened to wander a true path with Him.

No lights shone from the heavens  but an awakening in my heart, soul and mind occurred that will guide me as I walk my days. The writings I wish to share  on this blog chronicle the journey  I wander on my  path.

I invite you to read these offerings, ponder the questions posed, and seek with me the path that our Savior has laid out for us.  Won’t you join me?



Debi Austin Moses holds a BA in Elementary Education and an MS in Reading. She has completed the Academy for Spiritual Formation, is a Stephen Minister, and has received a certificate in Spiritual Direction from Perkins School of Theology  at Southern Methodist University. She has conducted many retreats and currently leads a Bible Study at her church, Lovers Lane United Methodist.   Debi  lives in Texas with her boyfriend/husband of 43 years, two precious puppies, Charlie and Lucy, and is a proud grandmother of four beautiful and healthy children.