About Me

It’s no wonder the title of this blog is “Wandering the Path.” You see, I’ve pretty much wandered all of my life. I lived as a child in a teacherage with my parents and two brothers on the school grounds, where my dad was the Principal of the entire school in Danville, Texas, with a daily attendance of 50 children. My playtime was when the first graders went outside to play on the playground. I had lunch in the cafeteria, where my great aunt served the food. My grandparents lived down the road, and my Papa would come pick me up and take me to the “filling station” to get some ice cream and a ride through the pasture. It was pretty idyllic. After my mom graduated from Stephen F. Austin Teacher’s College with her degree in elementary education, my nomadic life began as we moved to Pasadena, Texas, and as my parents started their new teaching jobs, I started first grade. I didn’t wander very far from home except on holidays and summers when my family would load up in the family station wagon and hit the road for some time in the country and fresh air with my grandparents. At the end of my freshman year at Sam Rayburn High School, my dad received his doctorate from The University of Houston, and we wandered to Nacogdoches, Texas so, he could teach at Stephen F. Austin State College. I took my first step into the door at Nacogdoches High School and met my husband. Following graduation from high school in 1970, we went to SFA, the home of the Lumberjacks, graduated, and then got married. After a stationary first year of marriage, my wandering reached warp speed. In the last 46 years, we moved to Duncanville, Texas, Garland, Texas, Tatum, Texas, La Marque, Texas, Lubbock, Texas, Lake Travis, Texas, Lubbock, Texas (again), Dallas, Texas, and finally Bullard, Texas.

Who knows, our lives might have passed along the way.

As I look back, I see God in every step of the way. It was indeed in Dallas when my feet quit wandering, and my heart started skipping. My pew at church didn’t seem to fit any longer. I loved the stories and the songs, but my heart soared when I heard the liturgy, and we had time to sit with the Holy in silence. I no longer wiggled but embraced the moments. No lights shone from the heavens, but an awakening in my heart, soul, and mind occurred that guides me as I walk my days.
The writings I wish to share on this blog are a few of my remembrances when I feel my Father walking with me, holding me, and loving me as I walk. It often seems that some days, I’m wandering more than writing. We have five amazing grandchildren who I push in swings, buy ice cream after school, and yes, sometimes it’s before dinner. On lake weekends, we fish, paint, go on walks, have scavenger hunts par excellence, ride jet skis, and host the most amazing Moses’ family talent shows.
These precious angels are the joy of our lives. They make us laugh and praise God to the highest just because they are His children.
I invite you to read these offerings, ponder the questions posed, and seek with me the path that our Savior has laid out for you. Won’t you join me?
You can read this blog, or join me for my Podcast, “Wandering The Path with Debi.”
I look forward to hearing from you.
With loving blessings,


I hold a BA in Elementary Education and an MS in Reading. My spiritual life started as I completed the Academy for Spiritual Formation, which led me to study as a Stephen Minister and then received a certificate in Spiritual Direction from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. I  conducted many retreats and lead Bible Studies. I live in Texas with my boyfriend/husband of 46 years, two precious puppies, Charlie and Lucy.